2020 Events

2020 Welcoming new members!  Click on Membership Page for more details

  • January 18th – KBS Meeting from 10am-1pm at Shannon’s (see email for address).  Bring trees you need help with, good time for conifers and small trimming to deciduous.  Demo of applying moss.

  • February 1st – KBS Meeing from 10am-1pm at Tom’s (see email for address).  Planning for upcoming Winter Bonsai Display.

  • February 15th-16th – Annual KBS Winter Bonsai Display at the beautiful Knoxville Botanical Garden, Dogwood Center building.  Show is open to the public!  Saturday doors open 10am-5pm and Sunday doors open 9am-3pm.  Come see guest artist Arthur Joura, Bonsai Curator at the NC Arboretum.  Other fun activities include demos, workshop, silent auction, and bonsai vendors.

  • February 22nd – Trident Maple Workshop from 10am-2pm at Dat’s, weather permitting.  Workshop is free for members, donation to the club is accepted.  Good time to work on Tridents, roots, and grafting.

  • February 29th – Pine collecting trip, weather permitting.

  • March 7th – Deciduous Workshop at Shannon’s.  Cost is $50 per person, bring your trees.  Good time to do wire, styling, trimming, pruning, etc!

  • March 14th – Repotting Workshop at Tom’s from 10am-1pm.  Workshop is free for members, bring your trees, soil, wire, pots, etc.

  • March 21st – Pine Collecting trip and KBS Meeting at Charlene’s.

  • March 28th -Repotting Workshop at Dat’s from 10 to 1pm.

  • April 11th – KBS Meeting at Dat’s house from 10 to 1pm. Bring trees to work on.

  • April 18th – Stanley Green house nursery workshop and demo from 9 to 5. They want to have workshops with their Customers and asking us to help.

  • April 18th – Chattanooga Show.  More info later.

  • May 2nd – Ellenburg Nursery workshop.  We will do a repot and workshop.  More details later.

  • May 9th-10th – MABK (up in Johnson City) Show. This is Mother’s Day weekend.  Once I get info I will let you know.

  • May 16th – KBS meeting at Dat’s house from 10-1pm.

  • June 6th – KBS meeting at Dat’s house from 10-1pm. This meeting is to prepare trees for Asheville, NC show coming up.

  • June 13th-14th – Asheville, NC Arboretum show. This is group display exhibit so we set up as a KBS group. Set up is on June 12.

  • July 11th – KBS meeting at Ken Schultz’s house from 10 to 1pm. Ken lives in Morristown, TN and it is about an hour drive from my house. We can carpooling.

  • November 21st – Mauro Stemberger’s workshop!  More details to come.

Check back often for updates!  If you would like to host a KBS meeting/workshop at your house in 2020 please contact us!