2022 Events

Happy New Year! Interested in joining Knoxville Bonsai Society (KBS)?  Click on Membership Page for more details.

  • January 29th – KBS Meeting at Knox Botanical Gardens, Dogwood Bldg. from 10am-1pm.  Bring Junipers for trimming and pine trees for grafting.

  • February 12th – KBS Meeting at Knox Botanical Gardens, Dogwood Bldg. from 10-1pm, continue working Juniper and Pine grafts.

  • February 19th – Trident Maple Workshop at Shannon’s Bonsai Nursery from 10am-5pm.  Cost is $35 for KBS Members.  Please bring your own trident maple trees/seedlings, pots, soil, and tools.  Good time to trim, prune, and re-pot trident maples.  Seedlings for grafting and forest planting will be available for $1 each, plastic training pots and soil also available for purchase.   Contact us to RSVP.

  • February 26th – Tree Collecting Trip, weather permitting.  Details TBD.

  • March 12th – 13th – KBS Annual Spring Show and Deciduous Workshop.  At the Knoxville Botanical Gardens Dogwood Building, small bonsai expo and show featuring local artist trees and vendors.  Space for 10 people for the deciduous workshop (Japenese maple, trident, oak, elm, etc.) cost if $35 for members.

  • March 19th – Repotting Workshop at Dean and Gary’s from 10-1pm+, no cost and please bring your materials.  If you ordered bulk soil bags, they should hopefully arrive before workshop.  More details TBD!

  • April 9th – KBS Meeting at Dat’s from 10-2pm, can still do some repotting but may be late in the season if deciduous buds have already opened.

  • April 9th-10th – Chattanooga Bonsai Show at Master Gardner exhibition, more details TBD.

  • May 14th-15th – Kingsport/Johnson City Bonsai Show, more details TBD.

  • May 21st – KBS Meeting at Dat’s from 10-1pm and Air Layering demonstration for maples that have hardened off.

  • June 11th – KBS Meeting at Dat’s from 10-1pm.

Check back often for updates!  If you would like to host a KBS meeting/workshop at your house in 2022 please contact us!